Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Tunic and the Laced Lady

Here is round 1 and 2 of my new Spring clothes. I love them so much! On Monday I wore this snazzy outfit from H&M and Lucky Brand Jeans. The tunic is from H&M with a pink, white, and blue pattern on it. The jeans are from Lucky and they are great white skinnies! They're just the right amount of stretchy! I wore a silver necklace with black sandals. It was a great outfit for that day because we broke the heat record that day with a temperature of 94 degrees!
H&M tunic with white skinny jeans, silver necklace and
black sandals. 
On Tuesday I felt like a lacey, Lucky Brand model! I wore a white, lace-front shirt with boyfriend jeans with laced cuffs and pocket with a lace head band and a new large belt. I know, SO MUCH LACE! But the shirt was super comfortable (I had to use my cleavage trick though) and the jeans are my new favorite new pair!

I look super tan in these pictures because of trek haha! I personally love my sock tans

***Quick Fun Fact: Easiest way to get white teeth is brushing them with baking soda and water. It tastes a little funky but if you plug your nose it's not so bad! Plus, you'll have white teeth that same day! (: ***

Thanks so much for all you're support yall! Please keep sharing my blog with others so everyone can learn how to dress modestly! (: 

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  1. I love your laced outfit! I just saw a pin with pants that had lace on the cuff and thought it would be so cute on capri's or shorts! :)
    Also, I'm jealous of your 94 degrees, it dipped back down to the 30's today!