Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Tunic and the Laced Lady

Here is round 1 and 2 of my new Spring clothes. I love them so much! On Monday I wore this snazzy outfit from H&M and Lucky Brand Jeans. The tunic is from H&M with a pink, white, and blue pattern on it. The jeans are from Lucky and they are great white skinnies! They're just the right amount of stretchy! I wore a silver necklace with black sandals. It was a great outfit for that day because we broke the heat record that day with a temperature of 94 degrees!
H&M tunic with white skinny jeans, silver necklace and
black sandals. 
On Tuesday I felt like a lacey, Lucky Brand model! I wore a white, lace-front shirt with boyfriend jeans with laced cuffs and pocket with a lace head band and a new large belt. I know, SO MUCH LACE! But the shirt was super comfortable (I had to use my cleavage trick though) and the jeans are my new favorite new pair!

I look super tan in these pictures because of trek haha! I personally love my sock tans

***Quick Fun Fact: Easiest way to get white teeth is brushing them with baking soda and water. It tastes a little funky but if you plug your nose it's not so bad! Plus, you'll have white teeth that same day! (: ***

Thanks so much for all you're support yall! Please keep sharing my blog with others so everyone can learn how to dress modestly! (: 

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Maximizing my Maxi

This weekend Mom and I went Spring shopping at the Domain Mall in Austin. I score this super comfy dress from Forever 21! I'm loving this maxi because, for one, it's finally long enough and, even though it is spaghetti strapped, it's easy to layer. I went with a dark jean jacket because it was what it was paired with at the store. I really liked this dress because I felt super covered yet still really cute!
Black patterned maxi, dark jean jacket, and black and
silver earrings.
Jean jackets are awesome piece to have because they're totally modest and they go with SO MANY things!

Good luck to everyone going back to school tomorrow! Only 9 more weeks! YESSS!!!

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Trek On!

Okay so here is the deal. I had a month load of pictures I was going to up load this week but they all got lost when someone stole my phone ): SOOO yeah I don't have any of those so this is about as good as it's gonna get:
Monday-Wednesday of this week (Spring Break) I was on a Pioneer Trek. I can honestly say it was one of the hardest yet most spiritually up lifting experience I have ever had. We pulled a handcart, wore aprons and bonnets, slept under the stars, and did basically what the original LDS Pioneers did. IT. WAS. AMAZING. I loved every second of it! This is the great get up I wore for three days in a row:

Jean shirt, gray high-waisted skirt, red shoes (NOT THE
ONES I WORE ON TREK), apron, and bonnet. 

If your stake has not done a Trek for a Youth Conference, I highly suggest you do it ASAP! I promise you will come away with a new appreciation for your ancestors, everything you have, and your family. God lives! He loves us! He will come again and when he does I pray to be numbered among his people. WE CAN DO IT! (:

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Catching Up!

Whoa! Sorry It's so long since I've last posted! Time flies when you're in school I guess haha
So I'm just going to post all my pictures that I have from the past few weeks and have little captions because writing it out would take way to long! 

Jean shirt with white crops, pink earrings and Sperry's
Yellow striped shirt with blue jeans and YW medallion (the "Im working on it one" haha) 

Flowy floral shirt with blue jeans, orange tank, and brown flats.

(bad picture haha) Grey cotton shirt with lace shirt, coral scarf, and black shoes and belt. 

Pink pants (from H&M!) lace tank top with blue shrug and flats 
Sorry again that its been so long! To finish off I'd like to share a tip sent to me by my very own brother! He said: "Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes Rule- Put your hands on your head. You shouldn't see your tummy. Put your hands on your shoulders. They shouldn't be bare. Put your hands on your knees, you shouldn't see cleavage. Put your hands on your toes. You shouldn't see your back side or your undies." 
I'm definitely going to use that one! Thanks Chris :) Pleeeease, keep sending me tips and ideas! I appreciate y'all so much! Have a great week!   

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Sunday, Jan 27th- Sunday Best

Happy Sunday! Today I wore this gray, floral skirt from Bella Bird and a dark fuchsia top from the Loft with gray pumps.

I have a trick to show you with loose shirts! First, lean over in front of a mirror. If you can see your bra, other people can too. But never fear, it's a simple fix! What you do is pull your shirt down in the BACK until you can lean over without flashing the world. Then take two safety pins and tack them to a small little pinch of your shirt and your bra strap so that they don't move. The end result should look like this:

See! You cant even see it (especially when you sit down and your shirt loosens, it looks just like one of the natural wrinkles)! Every morning take the lean check to make sure that you are clear of any cleavage. It takes 5 seconds max and it goes a LONG way! 

Don't forget: MODEST IS HOTTEST!

Thank you Thank you THANK YOU! :)

GUYS! Y'all ROCK! Yesterday my blog got over 400 views! That is more than 20 times the views I got Tuesday-Friday! Thank you guys so much for sharing my blog and supporting me. It's SO COOL! (: I cant wait to continue posting and seeing you guy's reaction!
Another really awesome viewer thing happened yesterday: Jill D. from Utah sent me this picture: 

It makes SUCH a good point how modesty is important to respect your body. So if at any angle it looks like you don't have clothes on, I'm 99% sure it's immodest! 
Thanks so much Jill for this picture! And please if y'all have pictures, tips, or good websites of modest clothes, PLEASE SHARE! (: Thanks so much, y'all are the best! 

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Friday, Jan 25th- Better Late Than Never!

Yesterday I wore this red and white shirt with a white tank and dark, denim straight leg jeans. I paired it with red rose studs and red flats. The shirt had an elastic bottom so I wore it with the tank top just to be safe. I really like the elastic at the top too because it prevents shirts from being gappy! Perfect right?! Oh and sorry I don't have a full picture today! (P.S. Duck-Duck-Goose is the BEST game to play after early morning Seminary! I really gets the blood flowing! (; )

This top is from Forever 21 (DO NOT PUT IN DRYER!)